“I currently run for the US Navy and have used Coach Aguero’s style of training. I have had the opportunity to be coached by Coach Aguero and have had numerous successes which has included range from a 4:01 mile to a 2:23 marathon in my debut.” 

​ Corey Duquette - 4 time National Champion, 2006 Tulsa Run Winner, and 2006 Spirit of Survival Marathon Winner
“Matt got my confidence back when I was in the worst shape (physically and mentally) that I had ever been in. I hit rock bottom and he lead me in the right direction. I’ve never been more confident or happy with my training. He believed in me when nobody else would.”  

​ Josh Stewart - Oklahoma high school cross country state champion, 4 - time Lone Star all-conference and 2010 Oklahoma City Marathon Winner

Traci Barnes


Lorena Valdez

Prize Running 

Josh Stewart

"One of the goals on my bucket list was to run a marathon, but I had never ran more than three miles in my life so I figured that this was an impossible goal for me. Matt helped me mentally, and finally after a long time of talking about it I decided to train for my first marathon. Matt was very inspiring and always willing to help; I like to call Matt my “personal motivator”. He helped with my training plan and encouraged me throughout the way. I completed the 2011 Austin Marathon with the time of 4:12, and I am training for my second marathon very soon. Thanks Matt for the positive attitude, words of encouragement, and always believing in me!" 

Lorena Valdez – Austin & Chicago
Marathon Finisher

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Corey Duquette

Monika Kalicinska

"Some of my greatest experiences as a college athlete were made possible by Coach Matt. Not only did he strengthen me and support me as an athlete, he strengthened me and supported me as a person and a friend. Coach Matt taught me that practice, personality, and prayer are crucial key elements to succeeding as an athlete. You have to prepare your body physically, mentally, and spiritually." 

Dominique Traverse - all-conference high jumper and long jumper.

Dominique Traverse

"I highly recommend prize running with Matt Aguero. It doesn't matter if your young or older or what skill level you are at. I started running at 49 years last July. I hired Matt as my coach to help me get to my first half marathon in March. Not only did I complete that half but I finished 4 half marathons in two months. I have rehired him for another year to help me reach my goal of running a full marathon. He will look at your personal skill level, your medical history, etc and work out a training plan for you. I check in with him once a week and he is available if I need advice more often. Matt Aguero is a fantastic coach! you can spend money on more shoes and equipment etc or you can get a coach--- it's really a no brainer!"

Traci Barnes - Owner Days Inn & Suites Poteau Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Thanks to Coach Aguero I got the opportunity to “fulfill my American dream”.  I am a native of Poland and I have been a decorated runner in my home country. I became a much better runner under his supervision. I won my first marathon ever with a time of 2:50:52.  I could not have had a better coach, who knows each aspect of running and sport training, including sport diet and injury prevention. Moreover, he is not only a great coach but a mentor as well. Without his priceless support and advice I would not be able to accomplish what I have done."

Monika Kalicinska - NAIA National

Champion - Marathon & World's Fastest Indoor Marathon